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Starting Price Interior Detail Package
3 - 4 hour minimum work
  • Incredible "Nook and Cranny" Cleaning of all interior areas leaving you with a very stock appearance and dry carpet & upholstery
  • Complete vacuuming and compressed air treatment
  • Trunk cleaned and vacuumed
  • All entry ways and compartments cleaned
  • Dry cleaning process of carpets, mats, cloth, headliner and fabric
  • Shampooing when necessary including drying out to 95% +
  • Leather Cleaned and Moisturized with Leather Conditioner
  • Interior glass cleaned
  • Expired stickers removed (if requested)
  • All interior trim cleaned and dressed with proper solutions to leave them looking clean and "stock" in appearance. (Not sticky – won't attract dirt faster)
Exterior Detail Package
3 stage process1 / 3 hour minimum work
  • Hand Car Wash
  • Complete underbody power washing to remove salt & dirt deposits
  • Removal of light tar/road grime (not including excessive tar, cement or paint)
  • Clay Bar Removal of light "rail dust" (small orange rust spots)
  • Wheels, tires and wheel wells are cleaned and dressed. Non-silicone = low sling
  • Clean all entry ways (doors, trunk, hood)
  • Paint touch up of minor chips and scratches
  • Clean and polish chrome and trim
  • Pre-mask tape vehicle to avoid compound getting on black trim
  • High speed buffing of scuffs and scratches
  • Low speed polishing to eliminate small scratches, swirl & buffing marks
  • Polymer/Teflon Paint Sealant- NO WAXING for 1 YEAR